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Symantec Says Enough is Enough!

Firstly, key note is that Certificates today require no action – there is no security issue nor any issues with issuance !! Google’s unilateral changes to the Chrome browser do not require any action immediately. Enough is Enough.

On behalf of Symantec, we want you to note that Symantec is proud to be one of the world’s leading certificate authorities. Symantec strongly objects to the action Google has taken to target Symantec SSL/TLS certificates in the Chrome browser. This action was certainly unexpected, and Symantec believes the blog post was irresponsible! Symantec hopes that this was not calculated to create uncertainty and doubt within the Internet community about our SSL/TLS certificates.

Google’s statements about Symantec’s  issuance practices and the scope of Symantec’s  past mis-issuances is exaggerated and misleading. For example..

  • Google’s claim that Symantec has mis-issued 30,000 SSL/TLS certificates is not true. In the event Google is referring to, 127 certificates – not 30,000 – were identified as mis-issued, and they resulted in no consumer harm as they were for test purposes .
  • While all major CAs have experienced SSL/TLS certificate mis-issuance events, Google of recent has singled out the Symantec Certificate Authority in its proposal even though the mis-issuance event identified in Google’s blog post involved several CAs.

Symantec has taken extensive remediation measures to correct this situation, immediately terminated the involved partner’s appointment as a registration authority (RA), and in a move to strengthen the trust of Symantec-issued SSL/TLS certificates, announced the discontinuation of our RA program. This control enhancement is an important move that other public certificate authorities (CAs) have not yet followed.

Symantec operates our CA in accordance with industry standards and maintains extensive controls over our SSL/TLS certificate issuance processes and Symantec works to continually strengthen their CA practices. Symantec has substantially invested in, and remain committed to, the security of the Internet.  Symantec has publicly and strongly committed to Certificate Transparency (CT) logging for Symantec certificates and is one of the few CAs that hosts its own CT servers.  Symantec has also been a champion of Certification Authority Authorization (CAA), and has asked the CA/Browser Forum for a rule change to require that all certificate authorities explicitly support CAA. Symantec’s most recent contribution to the CA ecosystem includes the creation of Encryption Everywhere, our freemium program, to create widespread adoption of encrypted websites.

Note that Symantec wants to reassure their customers and all consumers that they can continue to trust Symantec SSL/TLS certificates.

Symantec will continue to vigorously defend the safe and productive use of the Internet, including minimizing any potential disruption caused by the proposal in Google’s blog post. Symantec is currently open to discussing the matter with Google in an effort to resolve the situation in the shared interests of our joint customers and partners.

“We suggest and strongly recommend that you continue as normal with your procurement of Symantec SSL Certificates as we are working to clarify Google’s statement. You can expect an update soon once we assess if changes are necessary.”

–  Lead Engineer – Encryption , Acmetek Global Solutions, Kevin S Naidoo

Acmetek’s Platinum Partnerships With Symantec & Thawte Brings You A Free SAN With Purchase of Your SSL

Acmetek’s Platinum Partnership with the worlds leading Certificate Authorities (CA’s) Symantec and Thawte are able to bring to Acmetek Clients a Free domain SAN with the enrollment
of an SSL/TLS Certificate.


This means your website will work when your clients visit your website by either www or without. No more forwarding of website traffic or paying extra for an extra Subject Alternative Name (SAN) domain. Something that should automatically come by default. Many CA’s the world over do not provide this functionality to their clients which causes a technical nightmare to web developers, and Network administrators. But Acmetek is able to provide you with a simpler solution.

Here is how it works:

  1. When enrolling for a standard Symantec or Thawte SSL product with a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Common Name of (example) Symantec/Thawte will automatically add the base domain of as a free SAN to the certificate.
  2. If the Common Name of the CSR has only then Symantec/Thawte will automatically add www to the Certificate.
  3. For Wildcard Certificates products, when your CSR has the Required Common Name of *, Symantec/Thawte will add the base domain of as a free SAN.

Products benefiting from free SAN from this change:

Symantec                            Thawte
Secure Site Pro with EV SSL Web Server with EV
Secure Site with EV SGC SuperCerts
Secure Site Pro SSL Web Server Wildcard
Secure Site Wildcard SSL Web Server
Secure Site SSL123

SSL/TLS Certificates are the first step in maintaining a secure website or network for your business. Symantec product especially contain the right tools along with with their Products to give you an overall security soltuion. Read more about Symantec and Thawte website security solutions on our site!



Acmetek is always brings the best security solutions to fit our clients needs. Our partnerships and tools are dedicated to providing easy solutions in website security.

Lead Engineer: Dominic Rafael

Acmetek Partners with Norton Shopping Guarantee!

Acmetek Partners with Norton Shopping Guarantee To Bring Online Merchants Trust & Security.Norton Shopping

Acmetek is proud to announce that it has partnered with Norton Shopping Guarantee able to give Acmetek online commerce clients the perfect tool to help sale. The Norton Shopping Guarantee (NSG) is a revolutionary solution designed to increase conversion, average order value, repeat buyers and customer satisfaction. This magnificent product will help reduce shoppers’ concerns about information security, product authenticity, timely delivery, and getting a good price.

Features and Benefits for Merchants:

At a glance how NSG can benefits merchants:

  • Free & Easy Installation.
  • Norton Shopping Guarantee can be installed on any website in less than 1 hour.
  • 100% Risk Free Trial.
    • The purpose of the free trial is to run an A/B split test so that you can quantify the impact before making a
      buying decision.
    • 20x ROI Guarantee NSG.
    • NO financial commitment needed to run a test of Norton Shopping Guarantee.
  • For every dollar invested NSG guarantees a minimum of return $20.00 in gross sales.
  • No long-term contracts
    • Norton Shopping Guarantee commitments are all month-to-month and you are free to retest or stop using our service at any time.

Norton Shopping Guarantee Benefits for Buyers:

Norton Shopping Guarantee merchants provide their buyers with a 30 day guarantee that includes:

  • ID Theft Protection up to $10,000.
    • Comprehensive identity theft coverage to safeguard your personal information
  • Full 3rd party guarantee of your purchase terms of sale of up to $1,000 is provided
  • Lowest Price Guarantee up to $100.
    • If the same store’s published price drops within 30 days of a purchase, NSG pays the difference

Visit to see and learn more about the NSG product

Lead Tech Engineer: Dominic Rafael