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DigiCert Completes Acquisition of Symantec’s Website Security and Related PKI Solutions

Digicert Acquired Symantec

DigiCert acquired Symantec under the terms of the agreement, $950 million acquisition of Symantec Website Security and PKI solutions related to SSL/TLS certificates business received in upfront cash proceeds and approximately 30% stake in the common stock equity of DigiCert.

DigiCert completes acquisition of Symantec’s certificate authority business on 31st October. The deal to acquire Symantec’s Website Security and Related PKI Solutions was first announced on August 3rd. DigiCert is a leading provider of scalable identity and encryption solutions.

Speaking on this occasion DigiCert CEO John Merrill said, “Today starts an exciting era for the current customers and partners of both Symantec and DigiCert, For Symantec customers, they can feel assured that they will have continuity in their website security and that we will provide a smooth transition. Our customers and partners will benefit from our accelerated investment in products and solutions for SSL, PKI, and IoT. DigiCert will also lead to shape PKI security standards through our participation in industry standards bodies to ensure our customers stay at the forefront of security practices. DigiCert is prepared for this opportunity.”

“The addition of Symantec Web PKI solutions to DigiCert will provide a customer experience that is second to none. We are excited for Symantec customers to benefit from solutions that help advance and strengthen website security,” said Greg Clark, Symantec CEO. “We expect Symantec and DigiCert customers to benefit from focused investment in the next generation of security solutions for our respective customers, and today’s action helps advance this important objective”

This acquisition will bring together the best minds in the industry and provide customers a reinforced technology platform, unparalleled customer support, and cutting-edge innovations. DigiCert will continue its operations from its headquarters at Lehi, Utah with a combined strength of around 1,000 professionals.

What Symantec Customers Can Expect

DigiCert has a strong reputation in the industry for being fast, reliable and excellent customer support. Symantec customers can experience this DigiCert’s service in addition to industry-leading OCSP response times, and award-winning PKI and IoT management platforms.

DigiCert’s platform is highly scalable and is designed for high-volume deployments for SSL and IoT and stress tested for billions of certificates. DigiCert will be able to continue providing industry-leading issuance times, even with the added Symantec Website Security business.

What DigiCert Customers Can Expect

The addition of Symantec’s Website Security to DigiCert brings together the best talent in the industry which will further the efforts to reinforce the SSL, PKI, and IoT based solutions.

Since announcement to acquire Symantec Website Security in the month of August 2017, DigiCert has focused to work on fixing the browser requirements for Symantec issued certificates and plans to replace with affected certificates for free and without disturbing to ongoing customer business in order to ensure continued trust.

“DigiCert is well positioned for this opportunity,” said Jody Cloutier, former senior program manager, Microsoft Cryptographic Ecosystem. “During my time at Microsoft managing the root store program, I always found DigiCert to be committed to advancing online trust. I expect that this acquisition will lead to increasing investments in new platforms and products that will benefit customers.”

DigiCert look forward to building a big security company and supporting all of Symantec’s Website Security and PKI solutions and their customers well into the future.

What Acmetek Can Offer Its Customers & Partners?

Acmetek will be able to offer an even wider range of solutions from both Symantec and DigiCert. Current Symantec customers can continue to order and purchase certificates the same way they always have. In addition, they can still use existing Symantec management tools. Account management contacts, existing contracts, brands, and validity periods for certificates will remain the same, as does pricing as off now.

We are worked up about bringing together the best of what Symantec has to offer with DigiCert. Acmetek partners and customers are having amazing opportunities in terms of various advanced security solutions. With this acquisition is the best situation for all parties like DigiCert, Symantec clients, partners, and resellers. The SSL and PKI solutions platform have a great bright future with a new responsible leader in the website security industry.

We’ll keep on updating to our customers and partners for transmitting updates with regular communication for further questions. Acmetek has dedicated support team is standing by around-the-clock, ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Do you want to buy an SSL Certificates at low cost? Simply you can click on request a quote form to submit your requirements.

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