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2018 – Acmetek Global Solutions Inc, wins DigiCert’s 2018 Prestigious Collaborative Partner of the year award!!

Collaboration is the fuel from the heart of any business, whether it is between Employees, Partners or Customers. Collaboration is the driving force for continued efficiency among everyday tasks and a necessity for improving the outcomes of many business activities. We successfully transitioned an industry challenge in 2017/18 around Google and Symantec Website Security. Our team leveraged the sensitivity of the transition to Digicert factoring the challenges of migrations and consumer expectations during this phase. What’s more is the dedication and immense focus of Acmetek’s Global Team during 2017. Every employee ensured our clients ease of mind during a critical transition. Security and Trust around Encryption and Public Key Infrastructure is a sensitive space! Ultimately it impacts on the World Wide Web! Every single individual on the Acmetek Team stepped up the to the challenge, realizing that ease of mind for the end customer is key. Acmetek’s long term commitment to our CA Partner most mattered. Looking forward to more innovation within the CA space in the years to come!

It’s truly rewarding to again be honored by such an esteemed award, said Ramesh Nuti, CEO, Acmetek Global Solutions Inc. ―Acmetek continues to develop ways to meet changing business needs of the Website Security Industry in both PKI/Emerging Markets and SSL/TLS  reflect Trusted Advisor of security Solutions and Services initiative.

 2018 Collaborative Partner of the year award