GeoTrust™ - Anti-Malware Scan can help identify malware infections fast and assure your customers that their websites have been scanned for malware by showing an anti-malware seal from GeoTrust.

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Features & Benefits

  • Daily anti-malware scan
  • Identify and fix malware
  • Webpage Malicious code Analysis
  • Malicious activity Monitoring
  • Easy clean-up of infected site
  • Instant alerts
  • On-demand scans
  • Displays a GeoTrust Seal

GeoTrust™ - Anti-Malware Scan

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Protect your customers with an affordable daily anti-malware scan from GeoTrust that can help identify both well-known malware and brand new malware strains. GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan assures your customers that their sites have been scanned for malware by showing an antimalware seal from GeoTrust, one of the most reliable SSL brands on the web.

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While malicious attacks are on the rise Symantec SSL Solutions block more than 5.5 billion attacks, an increase of 81 percent. • Malicious attacks are up 81% and are targeted at organizations of all sizes - 50% aimed at organizations with fewer than 2,500 employees - 18% target companies with fewer than 250 employees - 58% target non-execs • Unique malware variants increased to 403 million • Average number of daily targeted attacks increased from 77 per day to 82 • In 2011-12, over a million identities were stolen by data breach and hacking exposed 187 million identities.


A constant analysis of identifiable malicious malware code of web pages to identify any malicious activity and enable easy removal of infected site.

A daily anti-malware scan is performed for regular check-ups.

Immediate notifications of threats and malicious code for faster action of malware removal.

On-demand scans to enable the malware scans

Daily anti-malware scan ,- Identify and fix malware ,- Webpage Malicious code Analysis,- Malicious activity Monitoring,- Easy clean-up of infected site,- Instant alerts,- On-demand scans,- Displays a GeoTrust Seal,-