​Domain Validated Certificates

​Up to 256 Bit Encryption, Site Seal and Domain Validated SSL Certificates from GeoTrust, Thawte & RapidSSL.

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​Domain Validated Certificates

​Domain Validation represents the simplest or “good” SSL certification. Domain Validation confirms that the domain is registered, and someone with administrative rights is aware of and approves the certificate request. This type of SSL can be issued in minutes.

​Domain Validated Certificates

Domain Validated Certificate Brands

GeoTrust SSL Certificates

​Geotrust is the world’s second largest digital certificate provider. In 2006, veriSign, Inc. acquired Geotrust, and it has become a key member of the Symantec family of Web security brands.

Thawte SSL Certificates

In 2000, VeriSign, Inc. acquired Thawte, now a key member of the Symantec family of trust brands. Thawte accounts for 40 percent of the global SSL market. Thawte offers four types of certificates.

RapidSSL SSL Certificates

RapidSSL offers a low price SSL solution and includes a 30-day money back guarantee plus multi-year and renewal discounts. RapidSSL issues most SSL certificates within minutes of enrollment.

Domain Validated ​Products

​QuickSSL Premium

  • ​ Domain validation (DV)
  • ​Up to 256 Bit Encryption
  • ​Issued in Minutes
  • ​$500,000 Warranty
  • ​Dynamic Date/Time Seal
  • ​Unlimited Server Licenses

​SSL Certificate Types

​Code signing cerfificates

​Code signing cerfificates

Code signing certificates are digital certificates that will help protect users from downloading compromised files or applications. When a file or application signed by a developer is modified or compromised after publication, a popup browser warning will appear to let users know that the origin of the file or application cannot be verified.

​Organization Validated (OV)

​Organization Validated (OV)

Organizational Validation is a more advanced and better SSL certificate because it has more validation requirements. Organizational Validation authenticates domain ownership plus the organization’s information included in the certificate (name, city, state, and country).

​Extended Validated (EV)

​Extended Validated (EV)

Extended Validation represents the best SSL certificate and is the recommended SSL certificate type. As the highest level of authentication, Extended Validation enables Web browsers to display a green bar along with the organization name and Certificate Authority providing the highest level of consumer confidence.

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