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End of Life Announcement for Symantec ECA Certificates

End of Life Announcement for Symantec ECA Certificates

Symantec will be discontinuing the availability of its External Certificate Authority ECA Certificates offering. Symantec is phasing out this offering as follows:


August 16, 2016 – End of Sale: Symantec will stop selling the ECA oDoD Department of Defenseffering. No new ECA certificates will be issued.

August 16, 2016 – End of Renewal: Symantec will stop renewals for all the existing certificates.

August 17, 2017 – End of Life: All certificates will expire or are revoked. Symantec ECA operations will cease.

What is a ECA Certificate?

Symantec was certified by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) as a provider of External Certification Authority (ECA) digital certificates for government contractors, state and local governments and employees of foreign governments. ECA certificates enable secure on-line transactions with DoD agencies, digitally signing documents, and encrypting e-mail communications.

Who does this effect?

If you are not interacting with the Department of Defense then this will not effect you. This only effects those who do business or work for the DoD digitally in order to gain access to DoD systems. If you do work for the DoD ask the proper DoD IT security agent for more information. More than likely though you should have received some sort of information if this directly effects you from an DoD entity.

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