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Entrust Datacard Intellitrust 2FA solution

Entrust Datacard™

We have teamed up to provide Intellitrust Authentication services. Intellitrust is an enterprise-grade cloud 2 factor authentication service that delivers intelligent and adaptive identity capabilities across a unified device experience, enabling business to achieve competitive advantage in an ever-evolving digital world.

Entrust Datacard IntelliTrust Authentication Service
Data Branches
How Multi-factor Authentication Works?

Multi-factor authentication combines two or more of the following credential types to identify a user:

Something a user knows

Examples: user name, password, challenge questions

Something a user has

Examples: hardware token, smrtcard, device

Something a user is

Examples: biometrics including fingerprint and retinal scan

(Note: two components from the same credential type such as password and challenge questions ) (both something a user knows) does not provide more than one factor, therefore is not two factor or multi-factor authentication)

Entrust Authentication Platform

Transformative Enterprise Use Cases

Differing needs – Single Authentication Platform

Dealing with the realities of your enterprise means that you’ll have varied user communities, varied use cases and needs that continue to evolve as the business transforms. Entrust Datacard supports use cases across your enterprise so you can have one authentication platform to handle diverse requirements.

  • VPN Access
  • Customer & Partner Portals
  • Cloud SSO
  • Critical On-Premise Systems & Apps
  • Desktop Log-In

Service Gateway

SaaS-Based Command Center to Support IT Agility

The traditional perimeter has disappeared with the move to cloud, and mobile yet access to legacy network and applications remains business critical as well. You require simple to use tools with workflow automation to quickly and easily provision authentication to new applications and streamline identity management across your hybrid enterprise environment.

Infrastructure Integrations

With the need to deploy authentication capabilities wherever the business grows, our authentication service provides you with simple, reliable connectivity to all resources. Along with our robust pre-built integrations and Rest APIs for custom application support, our authentication solution includes a Service Gateway (hardened appliance) that provides secure connectivity back into your enterprise. Whether you are looking to secure SaaS applications, VPN networks, or Enterprise Mobility Management Suites we have the depth of tested integration to meet your needs.

Workflow driven IT Provisioning and Management

Robust capabilities are great but if the IT effort is complex – business agility is impacted. With a catalog of pre-built connectors and workflow driven configuration, we streamline IT provisioning and management tasks so you can protect new applications in minutes. Intuitive admin tools let you automatically route application requests, create accounts, manage entitlements and revoke, renew or revise access when necessary — all from a single point of control.Out of the box directory tools for Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP repositories help synchronize Identity Management and reduce manual IT effort.

SaaS Application Security
Entrust Intellitrust Adaptive Authentication

How It Works

Entrust has been providing Adaptive Authentication solutions for the past decade. A number of enhancements have been made to help realize a new, fully comprehensive Adaptive Authentication solution.

The diagram below illustrates the vision for the Entrust Intellitrust Adaptive Authentication solution. The solution is equipped to handle a broad array of inputs: device fingerprint, device reputation, user behavior and others, from which, authentication decisions can be made based on granular customer defined policy settings.

Entrust IntelliTrust Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive Authentication can assess a range of contextual information including external risk scores to affirm the user identity. Once all attributes are assessed, the user will be allowed, blocked or issued an authentication challenge.

Broadest Range of Authenticators

Intellitrust support the widest range of authenticators from hardware tokens to mobile push OTPs to align with your needs and simplify your transition from basic to highassurance authentication. This breadth of offerings helps you adapt quickly to new technologies and evolving business processes.

Entrust Strong Authentication

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