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​Protect smart, connected systems by leveraging the world's most comprehensive portfolio of lOT security technologies.

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​The Internet of Things (IoT) already helps billions of people. Thousands of smart, connected devices deliver new experiences to people throughout the world. IoT devices will be used by both individual consumers, as well as by organizations, and IoT computing will be embedded into almost every imaginable type of device: automobiles, home security and home automation, manufacturing stations, oil and gas controls, power line transformers, jet engines, medical implants, x­ray machines, and more. It should be self­evident that IoT devices must be able to verify the code they run, establish their trustworthiness to other devices, and securely connect to other devices on or off the Internet.

​“With the Internet of Things (IoT) finding its way into the homes, there are lots of new devices that can connect to the same network.“


​​Exposed IoT Systems and Unsecured Networks

​IoT devices face many threats, including malicious data that can be sent over authenticated connections, exploiting vulnerabilities and/or misconfigurations. Such attacks frequently exploit many weaknesses, including but not limited to

(a) failure to use code signature verification and secure boot, and

(b) poorly implemented verification models which can be bypassed.

(c) ​lack of encryption allowing exposed data to be retrieved.

Exposed IoT Systems

​Strong Authentication and Encryption

​​Protect your communications.

​Authenticate IoT devices and encrypt data transmitted throughout IoT systems and networks. Build security into your IoT systems and products so that they are secure by design. Accept connections and commands from authorized systems, avoiding the pitfalls hackers exercising unauthorized control of devices such as vehicles, medical equipment, industrial equipment, and smart city infrastructure.

Strong Authentication and Encryption

Protect your systems and manage your solutions

  • ​Manage Public Key Infrastructure Solutions.
  • ​Vulnerability & Malware Scanning.
  • ​Application sandboxing.
  • ​Utilize solid strong encryption.
  • ​Provide network protection closing back doors.

​Limit network connectivity by application, and restricting both inbound and outbound traffic flow to only those that matter. Protect smart devices, applications, and connected systems by leveraging the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of IoT security technologies.


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