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Product Categories

Domain Validation represents the simplest or “good” SSL certification. Domain Validation confirms that the domain is registered, and someone with administrative rights is aware of and approves the certificate request. This type of SSL can be issued in minutes.


Organizational Validation is a more advanced and better SSL certificate because it has more validation requirements. Organizational Validation authenticates domain ownership plus the organization’s information included in the certificate.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation represents the best SSL certificate and is the recommended SSL certificate type. As the highest level of authentication, Extended Validation enables Web browsers to display a green bar along with the organization name.

Code signing cerfificates

Code Signing SSL Certificates are ideal for any software publisher to distribute code or content on the Internet and mobile networks in a secure way.The certificate authenticates the identity, through validating the code integrity.

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Acmetek offers you free SSL reseller account to sell trusted brand SSL certificates to your customers. Reseller account with us is big source of money as we offer unbeatable reseller pricing. We will be anonymous to your customers. If you want to start selling SSL certificate from your business website, then we also offer API.

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Our Clients
All Acmetek clients have two things in common: a commitment to quality in their business, and an understanding that the security and trust of their website and organization is a direct reflection of that quality. They have made the decision to put that quality in the hands of the professionals at Acmetek, who combine their technical excellence with a drive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the security industry.

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