SiteLock DDoS Protection
SiteLock + DDoS
Are you prepared for the Largest DDos Attack in Internet History?


SiteLock has the technology to protect websites against all types of DDoS threats, including:

SiteLock Website Protection
Visitor Identification Technology

SiteLock’s visitor identification technology differentiates legitimate website visitors from automated or malicious visitors.

The service identifies and mitigates advanced attacks that exploit:
  • Applications
  • Web servers
  • DNS server Vulnerabilities
  • Hit-and-run attacks
  • Large botnet threats
1 Tbps

SiteLock’s global network capacity exceeds 1 Tbps (terabits per second).

InfinityTM Benefits

SiteLock offers transparent mitigation with less than 0.01% false positives.

SiteLock DDoS Protection Service includes:
Sitelock DDOS Protection Service

Why Businesses Choose SiteLock

Akamai SiteLock Winner
Web Application Security
Web Application Firewall High False Positives,
Resource Intensive
Hands Off Rule Set, Industry Leading Low False Positives SiteLock
PCI Compliancy Workaround w/ “Edge Tokenization” Full PCI DSS Compliant SiteLock
Custom Security Rules Robust Engine w/ Long Development Cycle Robust Engine w/ Instant Deploy Ability SiteLock
Two Factor Authentication None Yes SiteLock
DDoS Protection
Layer 3-4 Sufficient Capacity & IP Cloaking Sufficient Capacity & IP Cloaking Draw
Layer 7 Attack Basic Operations Robust Solution SiteLock
Local Failover & Load Balancing Wide Selection of Algorithms Algorithms w/ Real-Time Monitoring SiteLock
Global Failover & Load Balancing DNS-Based Solutions Results in Delays Algorithms w/ Real-Time Monitoring SiteLock
Content Optimization Compression and Minification Compression and Minification Draw
Network Resources Undisclosed Capacity >1Tbps Capacity Akamai
Connection Optimization TCP Pre-Pooling TCP Pre-Pooling Draw
Caching Capabilities Regular & Dynamic Content Patented Intelligent
Caching Technology
Full Security Package High False Positives,
Resource Intensive
Hands Off Rule Set, Industry Leading Low False Positives SiteLock
CDN-Only Option Starting at $1,700/month Customized Solutions
Tailored to Client Needs

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