SiteLock Website Scanning
SiteLock Website Scanning
Sitelock deep website scanning and protection

SiteLock INFINITY™ is a state of the art malware removal service exclusive to SiteLock.

Patent-pending INFINITY technology combines deep website scanning and automatic malware removal with the highest degree of accuracy and frequency. SiteLock is the only cloud-based security provider that can deliver this level of scanning protection.

SiteLock Website Scanning

SiteLock INFINITY™ includes

SiteLock INFINITY™ Scanning

Continuous Scanning

SiteLock INFINITY™ scans your website continuously all day, every day. Once your site scan is complete, it scans again to ensure maximum coverage and protection.

SiteLock INFINITY™ Malware Detection

Automatic Malware Detection and Remediation

With INFINITY™ high scanning frequency, malware is found and removed the moment it hits, mitigating its spread to other areas of your network.

SiteLock INFINITY™ Venerability Detection

Vulnerability Detection and Remediation

INFINITY™ scans your website from the outside-in searching for sophisticated vulnerabilities, like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection. If necessary, SiteLock will manually remove these vulnerabilities.

SiteLock INFINITY™ Malware Removal

Malware and Backdoor Removal

The INFINITY™ scanning package includes any and all malware cleans, including those requiring manual intervention.

SiteLock INFINITY™ Benefits
  • Daily malware scan
  • Daily spam scan
  • Daily network scan
  • Monthly and quarterly application scans
  • Daily SQL Injection scan
  • Daily Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) scan
  • Automatic malware removal
INFINITY™ Benefits

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