Solutions for Microsoft Exchange
Protect the information that flows from your organization to your
clients. Ensure that information is encrypted and that it cannot be intercepted and read by an attacker.
Solutions for Microsoft Exchange
Applications are essential tools for any business. With the introduction of Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 and so on, businesses are able to leverage constant communication to drive productivity to stay competitive. Along with new capabilities comes a greater chance of risk that your private and sensitive information can be compromised. Organizations must be mindful to take the proper security steps to ensure their information is secured and that’s where SSL/TLS
certificates come in.
Why does it need SSL/TLS?
“​Could you imagine not having encryption? Allowing any and all to gain access to your information, privacy, accounts, etc..?”


Mobile data synchronization technology designed by Microsoft. Securing this is important because it relays all information that gets transmitted to wireless devices such as iPads, Cellphones, Tablets and much more.


Carries all kinds of important information that, if compromised, would give an attacker all sorts of access to the network like their usernames and passwords.


Emails need to be encrypted to and from the exchange server.

Outlook Web Access/App

If this is compromised a user would have full access to their email, calendar, and contacts along with other business critical information.

Outlook Anywhere

Outlook Anywhere allows you to use Outlook to connect to your Exchange server from remote locations without first connecting to the VPN.

Why UCC/SAN SSL/TLS certificates?

Unified Communication Certificate (UCC) also known as Subject Alternative Name (SAN) functionality offers a cost-effective, versatile option to provide SSL/TLS-secured communications for servers using multiple domain names and hostnames—within a single SSL/TLS certificate.

  • Meets UCC compliance requirements: Recognized by Microsoft for compliance with UCC usage for Microsoft Exchange, Communications Server and Office 365.
  • Lowers administrative & deployment costs by securing up to 100 separate domains or hostnames with a single certificate.
  • Fulfills administration needs of feature-rich environments (e.g., client-server and server-server communications).
  • Less likely to run into any compatibility issues with Wildcard certificates,
  • Clients will only trust SSL/TLS certificates that have been issued by a certificate authority that they already trust.
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