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Keep the world and its people safe from Exposure and Threats.
The American people expect government websites to be secure and their interactions with those websites to be private.
All browsing activity should be
considered private and sensitive.
The unencrypted HTTP protocol does not protect data from interception or alteration, which can subject users to eavesdropping, tracking, and the modification of received data. The majority of Federal websites use HTTP as the primary protocol to communicate over the public internet. Unencrypted HTTP connections create a privacy vulnerability and expose potentially sensitive information about users of unencrypted Federal websites and services. Giving hackers or terrorist groups the potential to penetrate important government Databases bringing down the security we hold dear
White House Office of Management
and Budget memorandum
“A Policy to Require Secure Connections across Federal Websites and Web Services”
Signed June 8, 2015 A Memorandum from the Executive Office was enacted that requires that all publicly accessible Federal websites and web services to only provide service through a secure connection. The strongest privacy and integrity protection currently
available for public web connections is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).
Seek the expertise of Web Security Professionals that know the
mportance of website and server security. Ensure that all is well
for the people.

  • Get real­time security monitoring and threat intelligence
  • Augment your internal security team with ​ Managed Security
  • Implement tools to scan, and implement import HTTPS
  • Build comprehensive reports.
  • Stay ahead of evolving threats and get actionable insights
    with ​Deep Sight Adversary and Technical Intelligence ser
  • Utilize strong industry expertise.
  • Rapidly respond to security breaches and other incidents
    with support from our ​incident Response experts.
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