State and Local Government Solutions
Safeguard data privacy in public sector agencies by uncovering risks and complying with best practices.
State and local governments face ever­growing internal and external security threats
Cyber criminals have evolved and use more sophisticated tactics to target governments, public sector organizations, and critical infrastructure than ever before

State and Local Governments are a target for terrorist activities. These systems and public privacy must be protected, especially in sectors such as health and human services and the criminal justice system. We help agencies:

  • Comply with best practices.
  • Discover vulnerabilities.
  • Reduce risk.
  • Protect constituents.
  • Encrypt important information.
  • Help with System Hardening.
Secure Government and its Peoples Information
Provide public services consistently, securely, and cost­-effectively

The promise of new and expanding e­Government initiatives is providing higher and more convenient levels of service to the public​. This also makes them a target by those seeking political, social and monetary gain by nefarious means. ​By implementing information security best practices and adopting the right technologies, government agencies can cost­effectively deliver on that promise

Automate Risk
Automate risk management and compliance solutions to help government institutions
do not allow your Government Exposed to threats that can bring your society down
  • Align priorities across security, operations, and compliance.
  • Prioritize remediation.
  • Enable secure migration to software­defined data centers.
  • Implement security tools.
  • Support continuous assessments and monitoring.
  • Utilize strong industry expertise.

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