Symantec™ VIP Service
Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive networks and applications.

Enterprise-grade Authentication made easy for everyone

Sophisticated attacks have rendered the simple password insufficient to prevent data breaches, network attacks, and account takeovers. The total reported number of exposed identities jumped 23 percent to 429 million in 20151 and the ramifications are dire: financial loss, non-compliance, ruined reputation, and theft of intellectual property. Symantec™ VIP is a leading user-friendly, cloud-based, strong authentication service that provides secure access to sensitive data and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Enterprise Grade
What is Symantec VIP Service?

Symantec™ VIP is a leading user-friendly, cloud-based, strong authentication service that provides secure access to sensitive data and applications anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Cloud-based infrastructure

Secure, reliable, and scalable service delivers authentication without requiring a dedicated on-premise hardware server.

Tightly integrate with single sign-on (SSO)

VIP Access Manager single sign-on creates a single access point to protect cloud and on-premise applications.

Risk-based Intelligent Authentication

Leverage device and behavior profiling to block risky login attempts without changing the legitimate user’s login experience.

Biometric fingerprint, Proximity login, and Push notification

Deliver a great user experience by eliminating the password using biometric fingerprint, hands-free proximity login, and one-tap or one-swipe Push verification.

Broad range of one-time password (OTP) options

Deploy hardware tokens and FREE software or mobile OTP credentials, plus out-of-band support via SMS text messages, voice phone calls, or email.

Embedded two-factor authentication (2FA)

Add strong authentication using the VIP web services API for your web application or embed VIP into your mobile application with the VIP Credential Development Kit (CDK).

Mobile App Risk Detection

Deny access to compromised devices before they can attempt authentication to your network, and track threats from a single online console.

Intuitive self-service portal

Intuitive credential provisioning without requiring IT helpdesk or administrator configuration or intervention.

Comprehensive 3rd party integration

Integrate with popular VPNs, webmail, SSO, and user directories.


Strong protection

Symantec VIP helps organizations prevent unauthorized access to sensitive networks and applications, comply with data protection regulations, and enforce security best practices. VIP enables you to secure your organization’s entire user base – employees, remote workers, partners, contractors, vendors, and customers.

Increase user satisfaction, adoption, and productivity

Tailor your use of strong authentication to balance convenience, cost, and security. Symantec VIP’s broad array of authentication options allow you to select the right authentication approach to deliver protection for a variety of users and use cases; that are as easy as one-tap Push, fingerprint, or even hands free.

Reduced costs and complexity

Deploy strong authentication without the expense of deploying and maintaining dedicated on-premise authentication infrastructure. The Symantec VIP cloud-based approach allows organizations to quickly and easily deploy strong authentication with little to no up-front capital costs.

Scalable and reliable

Grow your use of strong authentication to support large user bases without deploying additional dedicated authentication hardware. VIP’s cloud-based infrastructure delivers carrierclass scalability and reliability to enable your organization to support millions of users easily and cost-effectively.


Attackers constantly change tactics. Your organization requires authentication solutions that can address these challenges. The Symantec VIP cloud-based approach enables easy delivery of new capabilities, in additional to integration with the Symantec™ Global Intelligence Network, allowing you to stay ahead of emerging threats, both now and in the future.

Deployment Scenarios

  • Secure remote access to corporate information

    Symantec VIP enables enterprises to deliver secure remote access to corporate networks and applications providing:

    • Improved productivity
      User-friendly authentication options enable users to access corporate apps and data to work anywhere, anytime
    • Better decisions
      Deliver time-critical information to increase business agility and responsiveness
  • Business partner access to enterprise extranets

    Symantec VIP enables companies to securely collaborate with partners while guarding against unauthorized access to sensitive intellectual property, enabling:

    • Accelerated time to market
      Reduce the time required to leverage partners and their capabilities.
    • Increased trust
      Partners are more willing to share sensitive information when they know it’s protected.
  • Consumer-facing applications

    Businesses can leverage Symantec VIP strong authentication to help protect consumer-facing mobile and web applications, resulting in:

    • Increased customer confidence
      Address security concerns to increase mobile and online service adoption
    • Reduced Fraud Costs
      User-friendly options increase adoption of authentication and reduce the risk of fraud

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