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Verified Mark Certificates (VMC) are a new type of certificate that allows companies to place a trademarked brand logo next to the “sender” field in customer inboxes—even before the message is opened—acting as confirmation of your domain’s DMARC status and your organization’s authenticated identity.

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DigiCert offers an innovative new certificate to create an authenticated, engaging, and visually compelling email experience. This product is called a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC). It allows an organization to display their trademarked logo next to the “sender” field in the mobile view of major email clients, visible to recipients even before they open the message. The certificate requires DMARC enforcement, which also helps protect both the organization and its customers from phishing and spoofing attacks. The value of this groundbreaking initiative is clear and immediate, and there is already strong demand and a waitlist.

Stats that enforce the need for VMC


of all email opens in
Gmail occur on
 a mobile device.


of opens across every client happen on a phone or tablet.


of content marketers use email to disseminate information.


of organizations around the world experience a phishing attack.


of phishing attacks arrive by email .

Top 5 Benefits Of VMCs for Marketers

Increased brand impressions

Instead of default initials, recipients see a brand logo before they open an email.

Unified messaging

It allows organizations to deliver a more recognizable and unified experience.

Display authenticity

Display authenticity

VMCs instantly associate trust and authenticity with a brand’s messaging.

Stand out from the clutter

Stand out from the clutter

Brands displaying their logo will stand out from the crowd, especially if they integrate messaging that highlights the security benefits of DMARC to end-users.

Increased email engagement

Increased email engagement

Early adopting organizations stand to increase visibility, recall, deliverability, and engagement. A Verizon media study showed a 10+% increase in engagement.

Top 5 Benefits Of VMCs for IT Professionals

Display security

Display security

Visually assure users that you’ve implemented the highest level of email security practice through DMARC enforcement.

Avoid phishing attacks

Avoid phishing attacks

Because of DMARC and the visible logo identifying legitimate emails, it becomes much harder for bad actors to target your customers with identity-focused attacks like spoofing and phishing.

DMARC benefits

DMARC gives you much more visibility and control over the messages sent and received by your domain, and a VMC gives the rest of your organization another compelling reason to enforce DMARC.

Better detection

DMARC enforcement makes it easier to identify the types and frequency of attacks against an organization.



The combination of DMARC and VMC helps to ensure legitimate emails are delivered reliably.

How do you qualify for a Verified Mark Certificate?

1. Implement DMARC standards for your organization.

Departments to involve: IT

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol that makes it harder for bad actors to spoof your brand and gives you more visibility and control over emails sent and received by your domain.

2. Trademark your logo.

Departments to involve: Legal, Marketing

Your logo must be legally trademarked with the appropriate office for your geographic region to qualify for a VMC.

3. Convert your logo file to the .SVG format.

Departments to involve: Marketing

4. Purchase a VMC.

Departments to involve: IT

Have more than one domain or logo?

5.Install your VMC.

Departments to involve: IT

Before you install your VMC, you'll need to add your SVG logo file as well as the PEM file we give you to a public server, and update your BIMI record.

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