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We provide educational security solutions for Schools, Colleges and Universities to keep faculty and student information and intellectual property secure from the hackers.

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​Easily secure your online services and stay on budget​

From admissions to financial aid to student services, almost every aspect of education is now online. Most educational institutions now need to secure a broad array of communications, transactions and other online services.

Education Security

Technology is transforming how education is organized, delivered, and experienced for students and teachers alike. Technology­rich classrooms are spurring engagement, leveling the playing field, facilitating collaboration and feedback, and enabling connection to real­world experts. The result is a learning environment that empowers students and educators with the tools they need to succeed.

Yet, technology also brings a unique—and growing—set of security challenges to education. Rising cyber threats imperil IT operations, student and faculty information, and sensitive research. In fact, education is now ranked third after healthcare and retail in the list of the top 10 sectors breached by number of incidents.

  • Secure e­learning environments for physical, virtual, and cloud platforms​
  • ​Safely manage confidential data and content​
  • ​Protect against endpoint, mail, and web threats​
  • Automate the deployment, security, and management of mobile devices​

​Use a Managed Public Key Infrastructure (MPKI) solution that will solve your security needs without the large cost overhead from other MPKI suppliers

​Streamlined Cost Effective PKI Management​

Manage all your Website Security, and Encryption needs under one platform for your institution. Consolidate your resources under one roof. Request and renew your certificates in minutes. Keep your certificates under one interface. Do not get lost in poor platforms and tools that should be easy to manage. Maximize your deployment and flexibility.

Do not get Side tracked by:

  • Unexpected certificate expiry.​
  • ​Time­ consuming paperwork.​
  • Unnecessary expense.​
Streamlined Cost Effective PKI Management​

​Get ​ Fully a managed service with self­ service options and flexibility. ​ Reply on Strong Experts that understand the needs of the educational industry.​


True BusinessID


​SAN/UC QuickSSL Premium

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