A complete Website Security Solution.
https://Our Mission & Vision
Acmetek started its journey into Website Security Solutions mainly focusing on SSL in 2010 as a result of a simple observation: SSL has evolved over the years, but Technology Distributors and Businesses have not adapted. This mismatch led the founders of Acmetek to create the vision for the SSL experience and to develop Channel Enablement Model to support it. With our powerful enablement model, businesses can implement SSL with ease. With our integrated set of tools and enablement support, partners can now offer SSL and implement for their clients across the globe. Our sole mission to make the world more secure, transforming one business after another.Join our team today!
https://Our Culture
Acmeterians make our company what it is. We hire for security aptitude over experience, and we pride ourselves on attracting and retaining people with HEART. We also believe in radical transparency. At the core of what drives us is one simple phrase, “Solve For The Customer.” This monomaniacal focus is more than a mantra; putting the customer first is evident in the service we deliver, the support we provide, and the way we market and sell. And doing so makes us deliriously happy. Our growing 30+ Security Solution Specialists serving from different locations of the Globe (North Americas and APAC regions) provide seamless experience to our customers. At the end of the day it’s not the potential purchaser on the other end, it’s the actual person. It’s not about selling, it’s about securing, selling is the by product.

No Core Focus

https://Too Many Tasks

Pre-Sales, Product Knowledge, Order Management, Certificate Management, Post-Sales are just too many tasks to handle as technology channels. We at Acmetek understand this is a huge undertaking especially when you are selling other products.




https://Not Your Core Focus

We also understand this is not your core focus as technology channels.




https://SSL Enablement Model is the Key!

We have designed SSL Enablement model mainly keeping these challenges in mind. Our model will eliminate all the above tasks as we will become your ssl enablement company while you can focus on selling.

https://Multi Branded SSL and Digital
Certificate offerings
Acmetek is a Symantec Website Security Solutions
Authorized Distributor and a Platinum Partner. We offer all 4 Brands of SSL Certificates, Symantec , Thawte , GeoTrust and RapidSSL . We offer Norton Shopping Guarantee that inspires trust and increases online sales with a 20x ROI Guarantee.Contact an SSL Specialist to buy your SSL Certificates from Acmetek, a Symantec Strategic/Platinum Distributor.Become A Partner and create additional revenue stream while we do the heavy lifting for you.
https://We Love Your Feedback
We always love to hear from our customers, please drop us a line about your acmetek experience or a product you would like to see or any other suggestions you may have for us. We are constantly learning and strive to make our customoer experience better. Thank you for your continued belief in Acmetek and its services.
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